Music Generation is a national partnership programme whose mission is to create inspiring experiences for children and young people through music. They strive to transform children and young people’s lives by giving them opportunities to create, play and perform music in their own communities and on their own terms. Music Generation Longford’s programming was launched in 2019. Our Music Educators are local musicians who are passionate about playing live music and are interested in passing on their skill to the next generation of young musicians. Music Generation Longford is locally funded by LWETB, Longford County Council and Creative Ireland Longford.

Our Mission

Through access to the breadth of high-quality performance music education, our mission is to transform the lives of children and young people, enabling them to develop their creativity, reach their full potential, achieve self-growth and contribute to their personal development within a vibrant music community.

Our Vision

The vision that inspires us is the same today as it was when Music Generation was first established almost 10 years ago. We work to break down the barriers that may otherwise prevent children and young people from experiencing the pure joy of making music. We believe in the power of music to build confidence and creativity, to nurture leadership and innovation, to promote self-expression, connection and happiness. We want all children and young people to have the opportunity to realise that potential, regardless of circumstance.