Music Generation Longford has some of Ireland’s best musicians delivering classes across the county. We have a massive variety of talented, hard working Music Educators who are teaching the next generation of musicians. Each member of our organisation brings their own experience and talent to their classes while also working as part of the wider team to ensure consistency in the quality of classes. Our Music Educators work as part of our music hubs and in Early Years Facilities, Youth Facilities, Primary and Secondary Schools across Co. Longford.

Meet our Development Team

Mary-Jane Sweeney
Music Development Officer

Hi, my name is Mary-Jane Sweeney. I'm the Music Development Officer at Music Generation Longford. I am a professional musician with my main instrument being the Cello. 

I have been surrounded by lots of inspiring music teachers since I began my musical journey at the age of 5. It is amazing to now be part of an organisation of Music Educators who inspire young people the same way. 

Since a young age, I have played in many orchestras which have brought me to many places around the world; including playing in Carnegie Hall. My real passion is being a music teacher. It was all these amazing experiences that made me want to help other young people form their own musical path and I went on to study music performance and education. 

Having worked as a Music Educator and Admin Officer in Music Generations around the country, I was delighted to become the Development Officer in Longford. It is a privilege to lead an entire programme from infancy and develop the growth of Music Generation in Longford. 

Rachel Masterson
Admin Officer

Hi, my name is Rachel Masterson. I work as the administrative officer for Music Generation Longford. 

My work encompasses communication, engagement and support for all the Music Educators and students of Music Generation Longford.

My background is in music production, promotion and management. I have worked as a music writer and radio presenter for a number of years. I also have many years of experience in putting on gigs around the country including in Longford's renowned "Little Blue Room". 

I have always admired the work done by Music Generation so I was delighted to get the opportunity to work with the Longford team. It is a very exciting, growing organisation and as a local, Longford woman, I love watching the next generation of musicians learning their craft. 


Meet our Music Educators

Michael Lennon
Music Educator

Hi, my name is Michael Lennon and I am a Music Educator with Music Generation Longford. I play Irish Traditional Music (ITM), specifically the Button Accordion. I also play Mandolin/ Banjo. I have been teaching these instruments for a number of years before joining the Music Generation team in 2020.

Teaching ITM groups in areas that may have limited access to Tutors and instruments is championed by Music Generation.  The ethos of making music accessible for all young people resonated with me when applying for the role. 

As well as offering me an introduction to wonderful people and places, music has been beneficial to me within my role as an  Occupational Therapist and Social Care Leader. Music is something that has enriched my life. Helping our younger generation along on their own musical paths is a privilege that I am grateful for. 

Donna McCann
Music Educator

Hi my name is Donna McCann. I play traditional music. 

I was lucky enough to live in an area where traditional music, song and dance were very much part of growing up. I want every young person to have the opportunity to experience the unique friendship and bonds that musicians share........they are second to none!  

I'm so excited to be teaching traditional music with Music Generation Longford. I have been involved in teaching music around Longford since I arrived here over 20 years ago but it's so much fun being part of the music generation team. 
Gary Baker
Music Educator

Hi, my name is Gary Baker. I am a multi-instrumentalist and I teach early years music and advanced guitar. 

With many years of performance under my guitar strap, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to take my love of music and pass it to the ‘up and coming. I was delighted to join Music Generation Longford in 2020 and as Music Educator where I work with Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Keyboards and I’m also lucky enough to be part of their Early Years program working with preschoolers.

Laura O'Gara

Hi, my name is Laura O'Gara. I'm a singer and I teach singing, choir and Early Years music. 

Music is a passion. I love to sing, play, teach and perform music. I find myself in the truly lucky position of being able to work in an area I truly love and to share my passion with the young people of county Longford. Early access to music education is a gift and it’s one that I had growing up in west Clare. From a young age, I had wonderful music teachers who thought and inspired me, as well as ample opportunities to perform and sing. Music education is more than a subject, it is an opportunity to grow together, learn together and more importantly have fun together. 
Paul Shanagher

Hi, my name is Paul Shanagher. I teach drumming, guitar, ukulele and Early Years Music. 

Music is a huge passion of mine. My main instrument would be drums/percussion but I also play guitar, ukulele and harmonica! I love sharing my passion for music with young people every day and seeing them progress and grow in confidence. The opportunity to become a positive role model and to make a positive impact in the community of Longford has meant so much to me.
Ray McLoughlin

Hi, my name is Ray. I am a full-time musician and I teach music production and piano/keyboard in Music Generation Longford. 

I have worked as a professional touring and session musician for over 30 years, I also run my own recording studio in Mullingar. 
I joined Music Generation in 2020 and was delighted to be able to continue lessons throughout the Pandemic. With today's technology, it's now possible to effectively teach Music Production online and in-person to anyone who has an interest. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to teach some of my years of experience to budding young musicians and music producers in Longford. 
David Crowe
Hi, my name is David Crowe and I play guitar, ukulele and djembe.
I've played in various bands all over Ireland and in 2011 I started teaching music, making it my full time job. Joining Music Generation Longford in 2020, I teach guitar, ukulele, djembe and early years music. Working with Music Generation is amazing because it gives me the opportunity to keep doing what I love and bring music to so many people in the community while having a lot fun doing it.  
Noel Carberry

Hi, my name is Noel Carberry and I teach Uilleann Pipes with Music Generation Longford. I have been playing for many years and I am very fortunate to have made many great friends during this time. I was also very fortunate to have travelled extensively with various groups and have visited many countries that I would not have seen if I had not been a musician.

I am delighted Music Generation in collaboration with Na Piobairí Uilleann provide beginner instruments on loan for a small fee and this in turn ensures that there is no initial major expense to a family if someone wants to learn the uilleann pipes or just give it a go.

As a Music Educator with Music Generation we have the chance to pass on the art of uilleann piping to the next generation.

Jack Duignan

Hi, my name is Jack. I play guitar, piano, drums, ukulele. I have been playing music since I was six and my favourite instrument is the piano. Tony Rock from Longford taught me piano. She was always kind and patient and introduced me to classical music. She inspired me to want to teach a new generation of musicians a love for classical music. 

I teach as part of Music Generation Longford and Roscommon and love it because I enjoy working with young people who wouldn’t have had access to music otherwise. It is a really varied job which takes me to different commmunities so I get to meet lots of people. I also play in a band and play keyboard in some session recordings. I hope in some way I can inspire young people to make their passion for music a career like I have. 

Teresa Costello

Hi, I am Teresa Donlon Costello. I teach tradition music with Music Generation Longford. 

I was lucky to have parents and siblings who play music and we were in involved in song and dance. 

I have spent a lifetime performing and teaching music and song, not just in the midlands but throughout the entire country. 

I have prepared many students, of all ages for competition at Fleadh Cheoil, for both individual and group performances. 

I have held many positions with Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann at local, county and Leinster level. 


Luiza Yeremyan

Hi, my name is Luiza Yeremyan. I'm a singer and I teach singing individual, choir and early years music. 

I graduated from the State Conservatory with a Bachelor's Degree qualification in Classic - Vocal. I have performed many successful concerts as a classic, jazz and blues singer. Since 2005 working as a singing educator in different music colleges and schools. During my professional work as a vocal teacher, have prepared a lot of successful students who reached top nominations in different contests. I received numerous positive feedback statements from parents including the joy their children experience from my approach to delivering their music appreciation.

Since my relocation to Ireland, I have done anything possible to pursue my vocal teaching career as this is my passion. I'm bringing my love of music into the hearts and homes of young people in Ireland.  

I joined Music Generation in 2022 and was delighted with this opportunity. Thanks to the management and all colleagues for the warmest welcome.