For us, performance music education means supporting children and young people to make and learn music in creative, diverse, inclusive ways, whether that’s writing and performing a song, playing an instrument, practising as part of an orchestra or jamming with a band. 

We believe that making and performing music should be a joyful experience that has the potential to transform children and young people’s lives in many possible ways. With that, at Music Generation Longford, we do not prepare students for music exams but encourage performance with friends in a fun, relaxed environment. 

Cost & Payment

All programmes are paid by our text and pay system Way2Pay. No cash accepted at any of our music hubs. Payments are on a term basis. Text messages for payment will be sent out per term during October, February and May. The cost of term is determined by the class size and varies per hub.

Cost and payment of programmes in Early Years Facilities, Primary and Secondary schools is agreed directly with the Music Development Officer of Music Generation Longford.

Tuition-based Programmes

Please contact us to enquire about any other instrument you are interested in that is not listed above.